Individual Advocacy Services

"As parents, we believe that the degree of independence that our son has achieved and the good quality of life that he enjoys are the result of the information and educational opportunities and supports that were provided to us by Arc."

People with developmental disabilities and their families overcome life's challenges with individualized support, assistance and advocacy. We serve over 1500 individuals and families each year. We offer opportunities for people with common relationships or concerns to come together, explore issues, share ideas and support one another.

"My wife and I would both highly recommend the Arc of Lincoln as a valuable resource for families that have a special needs child. When it became apparent that our daughter would need more help than we could provide, the Arc of Lincoln helped us find the right agencies and people who could assist."

Navigating through daily personal challenges, the educational system and the developmental disabilities system can be extremely difficult. We help families respond to specific safety concerns and problems and accessing services like emergency housing or respite care. An Arc staff member participates on the Individual Education Plan (IEP) and Individual Program Plan (IPP) teams. These teams involve professionals to help the individual and his/her family plan the future, evaluate progress towards goals, coordinate services, creatively problem-solve, react to crisis and access resources to achieve to the best quality of life.

Paid Personal Advocacy

"I have come to rely on the ability of Arc staff to help by challenging systems with processes that are not person-centered, to stand with people so their voices may be heard and their interests may be addressed. They are compassionate and tireless in their efforts."

-Carla Lasley, Director of Research and Development, Collaborative Industries, Inc.

Paid Personal Advocacy is a fee-for-service option for families who want a guarantee that servces for their family member will be avilable. Arc staff members work with families to proactively evaluate and monitor the services provided and to assure these services meet individual needs and guardian priorities.

There is an initial enrollment fee of $250 and a nominal annual fee to review and update each individual's information file. Contracts are billed at a rate of $50 per hour in 3 month increments.