"With the exception of the child's mother, no one in the family spends more time with children who have special needs than do brothers and sisters. And, because the sibling relationship is usually the longest-lasting relationship in a family, brothers and sisters will likely be involved in the life of the child who has special needs longer than anyone- including the child's parents."

-Don Meyer-Director, Sibling Support Project

Sibshops are fun, informative workshops held for children who have a brother or sister with a developmental disability. Siblings have a chance to meet other brothers and sisters and join them in recreational activities. While having fun in a safe environment, they can discuss their feelings about being a sibling and talk about common concerns, interests, and joys. This communication can serve to decrease the sense that they are alone with their experiences. They have an opportunity to hear how others have handled difficult situations related to their siblings, and can access an array of solutions if they experience similar circumstances.

The Arc began talks with several other organizations to jump start Sibshops in Lincoln. Our goal is to have a few big Sibshops per year. We hope to have one set up for this summer, so check back.